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Our Team

Creative Catalyst Communications is an integrated marketing communications group specializing in projects that benefit communities large and small. We are passionate about our clients who align with the same ideal. Our mission is to elevate the image and position of our clients by facilitating the conversation with internal and external audiences for the purpose of achieving the greater good.

We take a holistic, integrated approach because nothing you do ever happens in a vacuum, and because it is impossible to prescribe a blanket communications method to reach a population that is getting its information in ever-more varied ways. Our core competencies in marketing hail from a propensity for dogged research, a journalistic “nose for news,” a sensibility in sales, and a fresh approach to creative that never fails to stop even the busiest browser in her tracks. We bring these assets to weight behind all of our projects.

But above all, we are passionate communicators and relationship catalysts.

By harnessing the positive energy behind our clients’ causes, our focus is on creating engagement with, and loyalty to, our clients. Our approach is to reach a target audience where and when they can best engage with a message and act on it. Whether it’s designing a show-stopping logo, creating an online universe, or producing high-profile events, we know how to connect with your audience when it means the most and will linger the longest. We are building foundations for a life-time connection.

A Few of Our Clients

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